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Ray-Ban upto 40% off Special Offer at Optique Westside!

The season of cool spring breezes during midday has arrived.
We have a special offer for those of you planning to head to the spring sea.

In this season when you need to protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays, meet our Ray-Ban sunglasses at special discounted prices.

  • 30% off on all Ray-Ban sunglasses

  • 40% off on all Ray-Ban optical eyeglass frames

Ray-Ban sunglasses are essential items that perfectly combine style and functionality. When you wear them, both men and women can exude charm.

Unlike lightweight frames, Ray-Ban offers a unique weight and balance, ensuring comfort even during extended wear.

The robust design of Ray-Ban sunglasses' double bridge line provides durability, while the harmony of gold temples and Boeing-style lenses satisfies various tastes. The width of the ear tips distributes weight to the front, providing the most comfortable fit.

We have a variety of designs available, not just round Ray-Ban sunglasses but also Boeing-style and more. Visit Optique Westside and enjoy a comfortable shopping experience!

*This offer is available untill September 2023 and only in-store.

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