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Exciting Updates Coming to the NSW Spectacles Program Portal!

Good morning!

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates on the enhancements we've been working on for the NSW Spectacles Program portal. We are currently in the testing phase to ensure everything is perfect, and we wanted to provide you with a detailed overview of the upcoming changes.

NSW spectacles program updated!
NSW spectacles program

Here's what you can expect:

New NSW Spectacles Program 1. Claim Convenience

Say goodbye to Centrelink income statements! With the portal enhancements, we will phase out the use of Centrelink income statements. Instead, you will be able to make claims using a client's pension or healthcare card number (CRN).
The eligibility criteria remain the same, but the portal will retrieve eligibility information directly from Services Australia based on the client's CRN, name, address, and date of birth details.
This streamlined process will simplify claim submissions, improve client access and privacy, and eliminate the need for detailed financial statements during appointments. Please note that Centrelink income statements will still be required for appeals.

New NSW Spectacles Program 2. Submit Non-Schedule Item Claims

We are integrating the claim process for non-scheduled items, such as hi-index lenses, directly into the portal. No more separate emailing/faxing and invoicing! You can now provide us with prescription, product, and cost information as part of the claim process, enabling us to adjust your reimbursement without the need for additional invoicing.

NSW spectacles program updated!
NSW spectacles program updated!

New NSW Spectacles Program 3. Enhanced Process for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Outreach Settings

If you provide clinics to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander clients under the Visiting Optometry Scheme or in collaboration with an ACCHO or AMS, the portal enhancements will introduce a new streamlined process specifically tailored to your clients' claims. You will no longer need to enter irrelevant information, making claiming easier and more efficient.

New NSW Spectacles Program 4. Improved Customer Service

We have introduced a direct phone number for our customer service team. Clients can now reach out to us more conveniently, and both the client and provider phone numbers will be listed on the portal, eliminating the need for Vision Australia's 1300 number. Additionally, requesting a callback is now simpler. Instead of calling us, you can indicate your preference and provide a general reason for the call within the portal. This change aims to save you time and enhance our support for you.

New NSW Spectacles Program 5. Generate Your Own Reports

We have empowered you with the ability to export the Claims Admin (now called Claims History) screen. This feature will assist you in reconciling payments from us. We value your feedback on this function and welcome any suggestions for improvement to better support your business.

The anticipated timeframe for these changes is from mid- to late July. We are actively working on finalizing a confirmed launch date, which we will share with you soon.

NSW spectacles program updated!
NSW spectacles program

What you need to do:

Please stay tuned for more information!
You don't need to take any action to access the new features. In the coming weeks, we will release training videos covering the new processes and features. Additionally, we will provide you with updated support documents to ensure you make the most of the enhancements.

Our dedicated staff will be available to answer any questions over the phone, and we will be hosting a webinar demonstration where you can interact and get your queries addressed. We are eager to unveil the results of our hard work and show you how these updates will benefit your experience with the NSW Spectacles Program portal.

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